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Film "HANNA" 2011-07-05 19:00:00

Director: Joe Wright USA/UK/Germany, 2011, 112 minutes; PG
Cast: Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett
A first-rate thriller. Teenager Hanna (Saoirse Ronan, Atonement) has been taught advanced and ruthless killing skills as a means of self-defense against her enemies, who are legion. Her father, Erik (Eric Bana), fears for her safety and his own. He is apparently an agent whose skills and knowledge are so formidable that a CIA officer named Marissa (Cate Blanchett) is obsessed with capturing him — and the child. Hanna decides she is ready for the real world, and the two of them plunge back into a confrontation with the CIA. And then we get an odd cross between a fairy tale and a high-tech action movie. Director Joe Wright (Atonement) combines his two genres into a stylish exercise that includes some sentiment and insight. Joe Wright has been known until now for civilized literary adaptations, including the wonderful Keira Knightley version of "Pride and Prejudice." He's not a vulgarian. He demonstrates that action movies need not be mindless. There is a role for creative choreography in them. --Roger Ebert

Related Website http://www.cinecenta.com
Location Student Union
Cinecenta theatre
Times 19:00:00 to 20:55:00
21:15:00 to 23:00:00

UVSS Students: $5.60

SPECIAL FOR UVSS STUDENTS - 9pm shows (or later): $2.75

Seniors (65 & over), Children (12 & under): $5.60

Other Students: $6.50

Cinemagic Members: $6.50

Uvic Alumni, Faculty, Staff & their guests (1 only): $6.50

Non-members: $7.75

MATINEES (all seats): $4.75


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Other Reimagining our response to youth homelessness: A Canadian and Global Perspective 2011-07-05 19:00:00

An evening presentation and discussion with Stephen Gaetz, Director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network. The Canadian response to youth homelessness continues to emphasize a combination of emergency supports and law enforcement. Elsewhere in the world, countries are developing coordinated systems approaches that emphasize prevention and rapid rehousing. In this presentation, we will explore some of the underlying principles and practices of these approaches, as well as innovative strategies in Canada to understand how we might re-imagine and reform our response to youth homelessness. Stephen Gaetz Ph.D, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education - York University, Toronto Stephen Gaetz's commitment is to a research agenda that promotes social justice and attempts to make research relevant to policy and program development. His research interests include homelessness, youth culture, criminal victimization and community development. His research on homeless youth has focused on their economic strategies, health, education and legal and justice issues. Professor Gaetz is the director of the Canadian Homelessness Research Network and the Homeless Hub (http://www.homelesshub.ca/ ), projects dedicated to mobilizing homelessness research so that it has a greater impact on policy, planning and service provision, thereby contributing to solutions to end homelessness in Canada. Sponsors: Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, United Way of Greater Victoria, Victoria Youth Housing Network, UVic's Office of Community Based Research, UVic Faculty of Human and Social Development, Centre for Youth and Society-UVic and Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia.
Related Website http://www.uvic.ca/occbr
Location Antechamber, City of Victoria
Council Chambers
Times 19:00:00 to 21:00:00
Pricing Free and Open to the public. Everyone welcome.
Sponsor Office of Community-Based Research
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