Wind Energy Opportunities: Terrestrial, offshore and airborne variants

The Living Without Oil Series: An Elder Academy Event Dr. Curran Crawford, Professor in Mechanical Engineering at UVic Wind energy has emerged as a key low-carbon electricity generation technology through progressive development starting in earnest in the 1970’s. Wind resources are widely distributed around the world, and, in some energy markets, are now on-par with conventional fossil fuel generation prices. This talk will provide an overview of the wind resource and international electricity market relative to the integration of wind energy. It will explore the engineering drivers that have led to the emergence of the ‘Danish concept’ 3-bladed wind turbine. Aspects of terrestrial wind energy deployments will be presented, including siting considerations and both global and systemic environmental impacts. We will look at developments in emerging technologies, starting with bottom-mounted offshore turbines and the push toward floating offshore concepts, and consider the promises and challenges of airborne wind energy. To register:  Students may register for free by emailing    Presented in partnership with the Institute for Integrated Energy Systems (IESVic). The presenter’s bio and poster can be viewed here.