EDI seminar: Writing Effective EDI Statements

Presented by Lisa Willis, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta Interested in attending this virtual seminar?  Contact dsecchem@uvic.ca for the Zoom link. Writing Effective EDI StatementsEDI statements are now required for funding and job applications but most scientists do not know what goes into one. Additionally, scientists who are used to working with facts and figures cannot adequately write these statements without knowing what the literature says about EDI in STEM. This seminar will provide researchers with the knowledge of how to write outstanding EDI statements, all based on the scientific literature. It includes information about the productivity benefits of diverse scientific teams, the current numbers for diversity in STEM, and the controlled studies demonstrating bias in STEM. We will also discuss mechanisms for integrating good EDI principles with the daily lab environment and how to incorporate this information into effective EDI statements.