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Music Mahler Listening Room: Historical and Rare Recordings 2014-01-06 19:00:00

As part of A Week with Gustav Mahler, the School of Music hosts a Listening Room of Mahler’s recordings and concerts. This session features historical and rare audio recordings of his work.

For more information about the School of Music’s A Week with Mahler events, including concerts, special lectures, reading sessions and further Listening Room broadcasts, visit http://finearts.uvic.ca/music/events/2014/mahler/.

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B-Wing, Rm. B037
Times 19:00:00 to 22:00:00

Free admission

Sponsor School of Music
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Lecture/Seminar Graduate Colloquium | Department of Anthropology 2014-01-06 23:30:00

Darcy Mathews, Ph.D. Candidate

Title: Ancestral Presence, Power, and Ritualizing the Dead at Rocky Point

Abstract: A millennia ago, the Coast Salish peoples of southern Vancouver Island built distinctive funerary petroforms for their ancestral dead. Rocky Point is one of the largest recorded mortuary landscapes on the Northwest Coast, with more than five hundred visible burial features distributed between two neighbouring cemeteries. Using a novel suite of morphological and spatial analyses, I have identified a patterned use of stone and soil in the making of these burials. Despite this patterning, these burials are hidden in the landscape, or built at the threshold of perception. This anti-monumentality is seemingly paradoxical, but when considered within Coast Salish frames of reference, there is power in the unseen. Visible yet hidden, the dead exist as inherently liminal and dangerous but retain a posthumous social, economic, and political life among the living. These burials are active and powerful agents constituting ancestral places, yet concealing them is a ritualized process that is also revealing. Existing at the peripheries of the living and situated outside of everyday discourse, the Rocky Point dead are invested with power that is central to a process of history and place making that transcends the cemetery.

Related Website http://anthropology.uvic.ca/colloquium.php
Times 23:30:00 to 12:50:00

Free - everyone welcome.

Sponsor Jindra Belanger
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