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Film "Hannah Arendt" 2013-07-24 19:00:00



Director: Margarethe von Trotta  

Germany, 2012, 113 min; English & German with subtitles

BEST FEATURE FILM –Victoria Film Festival

One of the hardest tasks in filmmaking is to make ideas sexy, or at least interesting, onscreen. Hannah Arendt is a remarkably successful attempt from heavyweight German director Margarethe Von Trotta, who has filmed the biopics of Rosa Luxemburg and Hildegard von Bingen with serious passion. Hannah Arendt, the German-born philosopher who coined the phrase “the banality of evil”, seems like an impossible subject for film, yet even viewers who have never read a word of her books will be stirred by her intellectual and emotional courage in Barbara Sukowa’s award-worthy performance. There’s nothing fancy or modern to distract from the portrait of one of the most important thinkers of the century.

She and her beloved husband Heinrich (Axel Milberg) are German Jews who have lived in New York since they escaped from a French detention camp during the war. Then an incredible opportunity arises for her to cover the trial of Nazi Adolf Eichmann. She flies to Jerusalem to follow the trial and meet old friends.

Her impressions, which The New Yorker publishes in five articles, is to be followed by a book. Arendt is attacked for writing that the trial showed some Jewish leaders were involved as collaborators with the Germans. It blows up into a media circus. Arendt refuses to back down. Her closing remarks to her students qualifies as one of the great classroom scenes in cinema and a thrilling lesson in courage. –The Hollywood Reporter


Related Website http://www.cinecenta.com
Location Student Union
Times 19:00:00 to 20:55:00
21:10:00 to 23:05:00


UVSS Students: $5.75

SPECIAL FOR UVSS STUDENTS - 9pm shows (or later): $3.75

Seniors (65 & over), Children (12 & under): $5.75

Other Students: $6.75

Cinemagic Members: $6.75

Uvic Alumni, Faculty, Staff & their guests (1 only): $6.75

Non-members: $7.75

MATINEES all seats: $4.75






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Lecture/Seminar CSRS Summer Lectures 2013 - Offering Origins, Abdicating Analysis: A Response to the Scholarly Discourse on "Slave Religion" 2013-07-24 10:30:00

CSRS Summer Lectures 2013

Lecture 3 of 3 -

Offering Origins, Abdicating Analysis: A Response to the Scholarly Discourse on “Slave Religion”
K. Merinda Simmons, University of Alabama, CSRS Visiting Research Fellow

Analyses of “slave religion” have relied on “origins” rhetoric to explain the performances and evolution of African beliefs and rituals during the transatlantic slave trade. Professor Simmons will offer a counterpoint to this discourse, suggesting that “religion” is not a term that helps us to understand slave societies so much as it does the interests of the scholars deploying it.

K. Merinda Simmons is an assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Alabama. Her areas of research and publication include race and gender theory, literary criticism, and Southern studies.

Related Website http://www.csrs.uvic.ca
Times 10:30:00 to 11:30:00

These lectures are free and open to the public.

Sponsor CSRS
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Other Astronomy Open House 2013-07-24 20:00:00

Astronomy Open House is sponsored by the UVic Department of Physics & Astronomy. This event is held every Wednesday from 8pm - 10pm from October to April and 9pm - 10pm from May to August. In January, April and December, the open house may not run regularly, please contact the Department of Physics & Astronomy by phone at 250-721-7700 or by email at physgen@uvic.ca to confirm.

This Event is part of a series: Search for future dates
Related Website
5th floor
Times 20:00:00 to 22:00:00

Free and open to the public.

Sponsor Department of Physics & Astronomy
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