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Centre for Addictions BC (CARBC)
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Lecture/Seminar MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD: Research and Possibilities 2017-05-26 12:00:00

After a 50 year hiatus, psychedelic medicines are being studied again for possible uses in psychotherapy of such conditions as PTSD, end-of-life anxiety and addictions. A  Vancouver team was part of a multisite Phase 2 research study into MDMA (street name: “ecstasy”)-assisted psychotherapy of PTSD. It was completed last year. The experience of participating in this study and results from Canadian and US research will be presented.
About the Speaker
Dr. Ingrid Pacey comes from a Lithuanian family which migrated to Australia in 1949. She came to Canada in 1967 after completing medical school at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. She received her psychiatric training at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, graduating in 1972. While in medical school, she witnessed LSD psychotherapy in a psychiatric setting as part of her training. Her private practice in Vancouver became focused on psychotherapy for trauma survivors, particularly women who had been sexually abused as children. From 1987 - 1990, she trained with Dr. Stanislav and Christina Grof in Holotropic Breathwork. Over the next 14 years, she went on to pioneer the use of Holotropic Breathwork with trauma survivors, observing the special needs of people with PTSD when working in Holotropic Breathwork groups. Through this work she came to see the value of working with nonordinary states of consciousness for people suffering from PTSD.
Dr. Pacey continues to practice psychiatry in Vancouver, and she has lectured in Canada and the US.
Related Website http://bit.ly/IngridPacey
Location Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre Room S169 (Lecture Theatre) 1952 Bay St., Victoria, V8R 1J8
Times 12:00:00 to 13:00:00

Free. Available via webinar at bit.ly/IngridPacey

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