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Lecture/Seminar Dr. Alec Marantz, Professor of Linguistics and Psychology (NYU) - Taking interpretive semantics seriously: argument-introducing heads in the syntax and semantics 9work with Jim Wood) 2014-03-27 11:30:00


This talk explores the possibility that Voice, Applicative, and P are not categorically distinct syntactic heads, but contextual variants of a single argument-introducing head.  Crucial to the analysis is the explanation of such phenomena as the Japanese adversative causative construction, which is syntactically transitive, yet involves an inchoative interpretation of the verb, and an obligatory possessive relationship between the subject and direct object.  These constructions resemble certain expressions in English, including those with simple transitive possessive “have.”  The linguistic system developed in this talk helps to answer certain mysteries, such as why Voice seems obligatory between Tense and a verb, but is not obligatory in general above a verb, and why canonical Applicative heads do not attach above Voice. 
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Times 11:30:00 to 13:00:00
Sponsor Department of Linguistics
Attachment cal_1_event_95707_LING_03813_LL poster_Marantzv2.pdf
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